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Rechner Sensors
World of Capacitive Sensors

About Rechner

Rechner USA

Rechner Electronics Industries, Inc. was established in 1978 and since its founding, Rechner USA has proudly served the North American market by providing specialized sensors for the most demanding aplications. With direct cooperation with Rechner Germany, Rechner USA has provided custom engineered solutions for many companies for more than 35 years. Rechner USA now has ETL certified products being assembled in Sanborn, NY.

Rechner Canada

Recently founded in 2010, Rechner Automation Inc. has expanded the footprint of Rechner Sensors brand by establishing a knowledgable sales team and also by manufacturing ETL certified NormLine (NL) capacitive sensors to serve the North American markets.

Rechner Germany

Rechner GermanySince the founding of Rechner Industrie-Electronik GmbH in 1965, we have moved into a leading position worldwide through dedication, product innovation and top quality. This holds in particular for our special area of capacitive sensors, where we have played a major role in development and design. Many consider the name Rechner as being synonymous with the capacitive sensor. This is a product that can be used in a great variety of settings which is indispensable for today's automation technology.

The broad range of sensors that Rechner offers is clearly a key element of our success. This range includes capacitive, inductive, opto-electronic, calorimetric and magneto-resistive sensors. Our product range is complemented by a selection of AtEx approved sensors, ancillary equipment, transistor-based signal amplifiers, control units, and power supplies.



Rechner Electronics Industries, Inc.
6311 Inducon Corporate Drive
Suite 5,
Sanborn, NY 14132

Rechner Automation Inc.
348 Bronte Street South,
Unit 11,
Milton, ON L9T 5B6

Phone: 1-800-544-4106
Fax: 905-636-0867