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Quattro EMC Protect

What is Quattro EMC Protect (Electro Magnetic Compatibility)?

Quattro EMC Protect is Rechner's industry leading standard for protection against interference voltage, electrostatic discharge, electromagnetic radiation, and transient bursts.

Table of Comparison
Rechner Quattro Protect
Interference voltage
1,000 Volts
2,000 Volts
Electrostatic discharge
4,000 Volts
50,000 Volts
Electromagnetic radiation
3 Volts/meter
Transient burst
1,000 Volts
5,000 Volts

Since Quattro EMC protects the sensor from outside interference the internals of High Performance sensors can be optimized more than the competition. One of these benefits is the ability to detect products with very low dielectric constants.

Minimum Dielectric
Rechner Quattro Protect
Minimum dielectric constant
1.5 Ɛ
1.1 Ɛ

Quattro EMC Protect sensors are also optimized to safely detect product in a small range of dielectric constants without readjustment. These sensors can even detect most kinds of plastic granules without the need to readjust. This also protects the sensor form needing to be readjusted even when there are wide temperature changes.

Quattro EMC Protect sensors:

  • Can detect further
  • Can safely detect a range of dielectric materials with the same adjustment
  • Are protected against wide temperature variations
  • And are electrically protected against electromagnetic disturbances

High Performance sensors are not just another capacitive sensor. Contact us to find out if this product is right for your application.