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Rechner Sensors

Celebrating 40 Years of Capacitive Sensors in North America

Rechner Sensors

KFS Capacitive Level Probes

The KFS-Series of level probes operates on Rechner Sensors 3-Electrode Principle which has the unrivaled ability to give highly accurate point level detection of highly viscous materials (like hot melt glue up to +482°F) even in miniature tanks with diameters of only a few inches. The 3-Electrode Principle is a patented technology that creates a unrivaled sensing accuracy as well-defined as 1 mm even when the sensor is coated in dried liquid or glue.

These sensors' ability to reach high temperatures up to +482°F allows them to operate inside of standard cooking equipment, including inside of ovens, fryers, and hot-melt glue machines.

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The products listed below are the most popular KFS-Series sensors in the North American market. If what you are looking for is not listed then you can visit our online database, download our online catalogs [KFS-Series][KFI-Series], or contact us directly and we'll be happy to assist you in solving your application.

KFS Sensors (requires matching KFA amplifier)



KFA Amplifiers



iLevel Capacitive Sensors

The iLevel-Series probes are a new member of the KF-series dubbed the KFi. By using new advancements in integrated circuit deisgns, the iLevel sensor is able to integrate the electronic components that are usually contained in the KFA amplifier units into the body of the probe. This greatly reduces the footprint of the KF system as well as the cost. Learn more about the iLevel-Series by visiting the following link: 2 page flyer.