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Celebrating 45 Years of Capacitive Sensors in North America

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Operating Manuals and Adjustment Instructions

Rechner Sensors manufactures thousands of models of capacitive sensors. The manuals listed here provide mounting, adjustment, and general wiring information for our sensors. For specific wiring information or sensor dimensions please refer to the specification sheet of you specific model to use in conjunction with these instruction manuals.

Please check here for a specification sheet for your model sensor. If your sensor is not listed online, please contact us directly at this e-mail address for more information.

Capacitive Sensors: General Manual
KAS-90 Sensors with NO/NC switchable Outputs
KAS-95 Sensors with Built in Relay Output
SmartPaddle Sensors
ET / ETW - EasyTeach by Button and EasyTeach by Wire
ETM / ETW - EasyTeach by Magnet and EasyTeach by Wire
AtEx Supplement for KAS sensors
AtEx Supplement for KAS Sensors with 3D/3G
LevelMaster Sensor with ON/OFF Outputs
LevelMaster Sensor with Analog Output
KXS+KXA Sensors with High Temperature Range and Long Sensing Distance
iLevel Sensors with Teach By Wire and ON/OFF Outputs
iLevel Sensors with Teach By Wire and Analog Output
iLevel Sensors with Keypad Interface
KFS Series PerLevel Sensors with 1-4 switching points
KFS Series TrueLevel Sensors with Analog Output
AtEx Supplement for KFS Series Sensors with AtEx Certification