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LevelMaster Capacitive Sensor

LevelMaster Sensors with Hygienic Design

Specification Sheet: KA1482



The LevelMaster series of sensors are designed primarily for the level detection of liquids. This design necessarily includes the ability to detect materials that are sticky, that are conductive, that are acidic/basic, or require hygienic cleaning.

The build materials, size, shape, and the process connection of the sensor were chosen to meet hygienic design standards. These design standards were developed by EHEDG and 3-A in conjunction with one another. The sensor meets these standards when installing the sensor using our welding adapter or varivent adapter.

LevelMaster Capacitive Sensor


Key Features:
Stainless Steel body
PEEK active area
Chemically inert construction
CIP/SIP hygienic design

Proven Product Compatibility:
Ketchup - Fruit Concentrate - Mayonnaise
Vinegar - Tomato Pastes - and More

LevelMaster Analog


The sensor is mounted to a tank. When the material reaches the level of the sensor, the sensor will send an electronic signal. This signal can interface with a PLC, or it can be used to directly control the filling/emptying of the tank.

  1. Mount the sensor to the tank.
  2. Fill the tank so that the sensor is completely covered with the material you wish to detect.
  3. Teach the sensor.