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iLevel with Metal Cable: Analog Level Control in Silos and Large Tanks

Specification Sheet: KI0161
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Silo Level Control iLevel with Metal Cable Top View
iLevel with Metal Cable


The i-Level Sensor with metal cable is the solution to level control of containers of all sizes. This technology can be used for tanks ranging from large 20-meter silos down to small containers only a few inches tall. Using our patented 3-electrode technology, Rechner Sensors can measure the entire amount of material that is inside of the container; there are no dead zones. The sensor is immune to material build, temperature changes, and dust interference.

The capacitive probe with metal cable is ideally designed for continuous level measurement of dry, free-flowing bulk materials. The metal cable can also be used in non-conductive liquids with low dielectric constant (e.g. oil). When used with non-conductive liquids with low dielectric constants, a coated cable can be provided.

The sensor is easy to setup. After mounting the sensor, simply teach the sensor the empty tank condition and then the full tank condition.


Article # KI0161

Level Sensor for Silos and Large Containers
Stainless Steel Cable
20-meter max height
Analog output: 4-20 mA

Agriculture - Cement - Plastic - and More

iLevel with Metal Cable Filling Diagram


Setup and calibration of the sensor is easy:

  1. Mount the sensor at the top and bottom.
  2. Make sure the BE-connection is attached!
  3. Teach the sensor the empty tank condition.
  4. Fill the tank and teach the full tank condition.

Mounting the bottom of the sensor can be done in a variety of ways. Some options include:

  1. To the bottom of the tank using the included hex bolt.
  2. To a cross-beam inside the tank using the included hex bolt.
  3. Using a Hook/Hook Turnbuckle with the included eye bolt.
iLevel with Metal Cable Diagram