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Rechner Sensors

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Rechner Sensors

Analog Sensors

Part Naming Scheme

In general there are 5 versions of our analogue sensors. These are: IL0, UL0, IL4, IL20, and UL10.

This segment of the part number describes:

  1. the type of analogue output (IL for mA and UL for voltage)
  2. and the starting or empty condition of the output. (0 = 0 volts/mA, 4 = 4 mA, 10 = 10 V, 20 = 20 mA)

The starting/empty condition refers to the sensor with no material within sensing range and only detecting air. The output will increase (if a 0 or 4 model) or decrease (if a 10 or 20 model) as dielectric material is brought into the sensing field of the sensor.

The standard output ranges of these sensors are:

Be happy to know that this naming scheme applies to both our analog capacitive sensors as well as with our analog inductive sensors!